Featured Book: On The Edge by Theresa Santy

29622235For as long as she can remember, Kristen Craemer has been running from something. In high school and college, she ran competitively, until her Olympic dreams were shattered. Now, she runs to escape—from her past, from intimacy, from reality, and from the cold, black mist that haunts her nights.

Desperate to stop running, she turns to therapy, alcohol, and pills—anything to dull the fear—but her struggle intensifies with every passing night. Gradually, the nightmares encroach on her days, until everything she holds dear slips further away.

Kristen’s fears increase when she meets Ethan, a bronze-eyed Jesus freak. The claims he makes about God are too unbelievable to be true, and to Kristen they are more terrifying than her recurring dreams. She can’t open her heart to Ethan, and she won’t open her heart to his faith. Instead, Kristen keeps running, and every time she runs she finds herself standing at the shore of the Pacific Ocean, glaring into the crashing waves and fighting the urge to submerge herself beneath the turbulent water forever.

On the Edge is the powerful story of a “girl next door” who struggled to make it out of childhood alive, only to drown daily in shame and fear . . . until she finally dives over the edge and into redemption.

What readers are saying…

“”Theresa Santy rocks in her telling of On the Edge with her SoCal setting, authentic voice, and crazy cast of characters. Amazingly, she then weaves a believable thread of love, faith, and grace into the fast-paced plot. Theresa has proven herself as a skilled writer, a deep thinker, and an astute observer of modern culture. I can’t wait to read what she does next!” – Leslie Gould, Christy Award Winning And Bestselling Author

“High quality writing and full of substance, great to read a story that’s about more than just boy meets girl.– 5 Star Amazon Review

Theresa Santy brings an answer of hope to the sufferings that many people face. It is a story of love and redemption. It instills courage in the face of challenges that seem insurmountable. You will laugh and cry and be inspired by the depth of God’s mercy. – 5 Star Amazon Review

This is a truly incredible story that displays the consequences of broken families.– 5 Star Amazon Review

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About The AuthorTheresa Santy

Theresa Santy loves Kimchi and almost anything that is yellow. Her superpower is the ability to see faces in coffee foam, but she would trade that for an invisibility cloak in a hot second.

Theresa’s favorite motto is “be who you are,” but as an INFJ, she faces numerous challenges that cause her to question what that really means. One thing is certain: She holds strong convictions about the weightier matters of life, and she loves to sit down and write deep, like heart-wrenching, gut-twisting deep, until her mind goes blank and she can’t produce another word.

You can learn more about Theresa Santy and her work by visiting www.theresasanty.com

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