Featured Book: One Sip at a Time: Learning to Live in Provence by Keith Van Sickle

33927852Keith and Val had a dream – to live in Provence, the land of brilliant sunlight, charming hilltop villages and the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean.

But there were two problems: they weren’t French speakers and they had full-time jobs. So they came up with a plan…

Follow their adventures (and misadventures) as they quit their jobs, become consultants and split their time between two countries. Laugh along as they build a life in Provence, slowly mastering a new language and making friends with the locals over long meals and just a bit too much wine.

This light and breezy memoir is full of wry observations on France, like the power of cheese to sway elections, the right and wrong ways for men to kiss each other, and the law requiring that blood donors must speak French.

If you’ve ever dreamed of changing gears and learning what joie de vivre is really all about, you won’t want to miss this delightful book.

What readers are saying…

“Read this book and you’ll be smiling for days” – Cris Hammond, author of From Here to Paris

“A breezy romp through the trials and tribulations of Americans adjusting to Provence” – Marjorie Williams, author of Markets of Provence

“A charming and hilarious book” – Belle Provence Travels

“One Sip at a Time is a quick, easy read that will pick up your spirits. It’s also a quietly subtle collection of parables that will leave you thinking about the human condition in a new way.” – George Anders, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of You Can Do Anything

“I loved so many things about this book” – The Good Life France

“The more I read this book, the more I wanted to go back to Provence” – France Travel Tips

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About the authorKeith Van Sickle

Keith Van Sickle grew up in Alameda, California, the son of public school teachers. He got his first taste of overseas life while spending a college term in England and later backpacked around the world for six months.

Grateful for the scholarships that helped him pay for college, in 1987 he started a foundation that helps students from Alameda pursue a college education.

Keith fell in love with Europe during a five-year expat assignment in Switzerland, where he and his wife Val lived in a village with more cows than people. After returning to the US, Keith helped start a company whose product was so geeky that he still doesn’t quite understand it.

Keith and Val dreamed of living abroad again but were unable to find another expat gig. So they decided to invent their own. Now consultants, they and their trusty dog split their time between Silicon Valley and Provence, delving ever deeper into what makes France so endlessly fascinating.

You can learn more about Keith Van Sickle and his book by visiting keithvansickle.com

And don’t forget to pick up your own copy of One Sip At A Time on Amazon.com

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