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The year is 1835. In the Kingdom of Württemberg, in the small town of Bönnigheim, a murder has just been committed. The town’s beloved mayor has been gunned down in cold blood- a senseless crime with no apparent motive- and the elusive murderer manages to slip away, seemingly without trace. Despite the best efforts of a remarkably ingenious investigator, the case would remain unsolved for decades.

On the other side of the Atlantic, a storm is brewing between the Mexican government and American settlers, eventually erupting into the Texas Revolution. As America is drawn into war with Mexico, troops are amassed to besiege Veracruz in what would become the first large-scale amphibious assault conducted by United States military forces, and the largest in history until D-Day. In writing of the battle, Robert E Lee makes a curiously poignant entry in his journal regarding the heroic death of a German-American soldier, remarking “I doubt whether all Mexico is worth to us the life of that man”. Little could he have known that the man to whom he ascribed such praise was actually an assassin.

Death Of An Assassin documents the astonishing story of a German cold case mystery that took 37 years -and a fresh piece of evidence from America- to solve. In the book, Ackermann interleaves both the fascinating histories of Robert E. Lee and the rather unsung German-American soldiers who fought in the Battle of Veracruz during the Mexican-American war, as well as the thrilling race-against-the-clock investigation conducted by a little-known German magistrate who utilized investigative methods, including forensic ballistics, which were surprisingly ahead of his time. Full of twists, turns, and striking insight into this tumultuous time in history, this is a gripping read that you will absolutely not want to put down!

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 5 Stars

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About the author

Ann Marie Ackermann is a former American prosecutor who now lives in Bönnigheim, Germany, where the murder in “Death of an Assassin” took place. She’s a member of Bönnigheim’s historical society, another regional German historical society, and the Military Writers Association of America. Her work has appeared in both academic journals and popular media in the United States, Great Britain, and Germany. In her spare time, she enjoys watching birds and tooting on her French horn.

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