The Girl On Camera by Morgan Dun-Campbell


26 year old Rory Stephens feels trapped… smothered by a life that is being controlled by those around her. Safe choices and predictability define her world, until she can’t stand it anymore.

And then she sees it… nestled in among a slew of spam emails in her inbox. Bored of everyday life? Dream of being rich? Famous? So begins an invitation to audition for a new reality TV program called The Retreat, complete with a hefty grand prize to the winner. Sure, it could be a scam, but what if it isn’t? Rory decides to do something crazy- the first unpredictable, spontaneous thing she’s ever done. She auditions for a reality TV show.

To her great surprise, she’s selected as one of eight contestants. But just what she’s signed up for remains to be seen, as the details of this new show remain shrouded in mystery- and it doesn’t help that the other contestants are a pain. Yet, just when she thinks keeping the peace will be her biggest challenge, the power suddenly goes out on the second day of filming, leaving the contestants completely cut off from the outside world. Could this really be a part of the show, or has something gone horribly wrong?

Determined to find out, Rory knows that she and her companions must work together, but rising tension has everyone at each other’s throats. It seems like things couldn’t get any worse. And then one of them goes missing….

The Girl on Camera is a refreshingly original and captivating thriller with a modern twist, though you don’t have to be a big fan of Reality TV shows to enjoy this book. A fast-paced plot and richly drawn characters hold the readers attention while they follow along with Rory in unraveling the mystery of The Retreat- as well as a painful secret of the past that haunts her relentlessly. A brilliant first novel from Morgan Dun-Campbell, if you are a fan of modern thrillers, you’ll love this one!

Rating: 4 stars

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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About the author

Morgan Dun-Campbell lives in London. She has an MA (Distinction) in Creative Writing and Publishing, has participated in two Arvon literary writing courses, and has worked as an intern for numerous publishing houses, including Penguin Random House and Bloomsbury. The Girl on Camera is her first novel, and is published with Shalstone Press. Morgan currently works for Author Enterprises and Sharpe Books. Her favourite authors include Donna Tartt, Aldoux Huxley and Nick Hornby.


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