Author Guest Post: Melissa Wolff

We are thrilled and honored to have Award-Winning YA author Melissa M. Wolff share her thoughts with us in a special guest post today. You may recognize her from her previous works such as Sharpie Messages: The Writing on the Wall, Fated, On the Shattered Path, or her most recent novel Three Little Lies which has received glowing reviews from fans of Young Adult fiction and Suspense alike (learn more and pick up a copy today on amazon HERE).

I’ll be honest, I’m not used to doing guest posts. In fact, I think this is only the second guest post that I’ve done in my short career as an author. It’s so weird, still, to consider myself an author even though I’ve been one for six years. I’ve written four books and am working on the fifth and sixth book. Yet, I still find it crazy that I’m an author.

To me, writing is just second nature. It’s not something I think about or wonder about. I don’t sit down and say ‘now I’m going to create my characters.’ The characters just come to me. In dreams, in people I meet around. I can find a character anywhere with little to no problem. The same goes for setting and sometimes even a plot. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m the luckiest writer in the world (which I doubt, don’t worry) or if it’s because I’m always thinking in the ‘writer’s mind.’

You know, my husband has this phrase that he says which always confuses me. When he’s thinking about how to create something, or fix something, he says he’s ‘going into his imagination.” Granted, I always think that’s the weirdest thing he’s said. I always give him that type of look that is like, Are you kidding me? I used to not understand what he meant when he said things like that. But now, thinking about it, I think I do.

Writers ‘go into their imagination’ every day they wake up. In fact, most of them don’t ever really leave. The moment you take an ordinary moment, say someone checking in at a doctor’s office, and put a twist to the story you’re in your imagination. When you look at a simple picture and think ‘oh my character would do this there’ then you’re in your imagination.

People go into their imaginations all the time and don’t even realize it. And, let’s face it, that’s not a bad thing. It keeps you going and keeps you fresh. It lets you think outside the box and your brain is always coming up with different ways to look at things. I feel like people who can’t visit their imaginations are missing out on something big.

So now when my husband says he’s visiting his imagination not only do I smile about it, but I understand what he means. And I’m going to try to visit my imagination a little more often. I think it will do me a bit of good.

Melissa Wolff is a graduate from Long Island University. Diagnosed with VACTERL Association, Melissa discovered her love of writing when she was sick and holed up in a hospital bed after her sixth surgery. After twenty years and twenty more surgeries, her first book was published when she was just twenty-two. All of her novels have been written during National Novel Writing Month, an event in which she takes part every year. Melissa is a member of International Women’s Writing Guild and American Writer’s Association. Part of the proceeds of her novels go to VACTERL Network, a group designed to help families and people deal with their condition.

Melissa is the author of four young adult novels: Sharpie Messages: The Writing on the Wall, Fated, On the Shattered Path, and Three Little Lies.

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