Featured Book: Critters of Cedar Hill: A Collection of Stories by Marta Kastner, Anne Weede

In her book, Critters of Cedar Hill: A Collection of Stories, author Marta Kastner regales readers with stories of the creatures that make Cedar Hill their home. The stories are accompanied by whimsical pen and ink illustrations by artist Anne Weede.

Cedar Hill, both a house and a place, is a historic old farm on a modest hill spotted with cedars. All told it is about fifty acres of pasture and garden—enough space for all kinds of critters to call home. The largest and most visible creatures are the cows. The smallest are the many bugs and assorted insects. In between are animals of all sorts—from birds, squirrels, groundhogs and skunks to snakes, frogs, mice and deer. However, of all the creatures, the family dogs get most of the attention because they are constantly underfoot.

As you read these stories of the critters of Cedar Hill, Marta Kastner’s dry wit and descriptive style will have you taking a much closer look at the critters in and around your home, and you may recall stories of your own. Your dog may have battled with a skunk. Or you may have found a groundhog in a tree. Or perhaps a large black snake appeared in your kitchen one day. These stories, and more, will entertain you as you read this book.

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What readers are saying…

“A delightful book, entertaining to the young and old alike. A fun and charming read.” — 5 star Amazon review

“Anyone who loves animals and/or country living will love this book! ” — 5 star Amazon review

About the author & illustrator

Marta Kastner has been living with her husband Tom, a former navy pilot, on Cedar Hill near Lexington, Virginia, for more than quarter of a century. They enjoy the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains and taking care of her large garden and all the creatures that inhabit it. For almost as long, she has been writing about it—as well as any number of other topics—in her newspaper columns. Her other publications include Old Jack, a biography of Gen. Stonewall Jackson, which she wrote in response to questions at the Stonewall Jackson House in Lexington, where she is a docent; Garden Thoughts, a collection of her gardening columns; and History of the Natural Bridge Garden Club, the oldest garden club in Rockbridge County, of which she and Anne Weede are both members.

Anne Weede has lived, off and on, in the Rockbridge area since the early sixties when, as an art major, she attended Southern Seminary Jr. College (now Southern Virginia University). Upon the final move of her husband’s military career, she began to paint in earnest. She is now known for her large abstract oil paintings. Doing small pen and ink illustrations was a welcome change of pace. Her love of critters, great and small, was a huge help when assigning a personality to each of Marta’s garden visitors. She hopes that each attempt brings a smile and perhaps a memory of a surprise sighting in the reader’s own garden.

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