True Tails from the Dog Park by Kari Sherman, Carey Laubenberg

Join Max and Luther as they teach you all about the dog park…

Written from the perspective of doggy pals Max (a Puggle) and Luther (an Olde English Bulldog), True Tails From The Dog Park is a collection of tips, rules, and often hilarious adventures the two have experienced together at the dog park.

Full of sage advice on things like proper dog park etiquette, how to safely mix dogs and kids at the park, as well as beneficial health and grooming advice, this brief read is as entertaining as it is informative.

This cute little book will make you laugh and smile- both from the humorous accounts of their experiences, as well as the adorable cartoon illustrations by Julie Ann Stricklin.

I couldn’t help but note how I could have used much of the advice in this book before taking my lab mix Jack to the park for the first time -advice like “always be aware of your dog”, which may have prevented myself from being flipped upside down and landing in the mud as Jack careened into me while chasing another dog (I’m sure none of the other doggy parents at the park have forgotten that incident!).

If you are an animal lover and are looking for a good laugh- with some helpful advice thrown into the mix- then I recommend you pick up a copy of True Tails from the Dog Park. A charming book for dog lovers of all ages!

Rating: 3.5 stars

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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About Kari Sherman

Born in Toledo, Ohio some years ago (we will leave you guessing how many), Kari is a true Mid-western girl. Food, football (Go Irish!), traveling and books are some of her favorite things. Her love of traveling was probably a result of moving a great deal as a child from Ohio to Indiana to California and back again to Ohio. As an adult, this pattern continued as she moved from Ohio to Massachusetts to Illinois and finally settling in California (It’s been 10 years already). She has been very fortunate to have taken some amazing vacations: Europe (multiple times), New Zealand and Africa (her favorite trip ever!). Kari’s book collection is quite something and at last count her Kindle held over 300 books. Quite the investment.
Kari graduated from Ohio University (not to be confused with Ohio State) with a B.A. in accounting and finance and spent the next 20 years in various jobs from public accounting to corporate finance. After being down-sized from her last position as VP- Finance from a real estate company, she was looking for something new. Kari got her first dog, Max and met her co-author Carey Laubenberg and her next journey began.

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