Corporate Superpower: Cultivating A Winning Culture For Your Business by Oleg Kanovalov

“Culture reveals the true nature of an organization, whether it is a positive one which encourages people to perform at their best, or a negative one, destructive towards their efforts and desires.”

From the well respected management expert and consultant Dr. Oleg Konovalov comes this brilliant leadership resource. Corporate Superpower analyzes the various corporate culture types, and how they effect growth and productivity, teaching the key principles of effective business leadership through the building and maintaining of a healthy corporate culture that encourages innovative thinking, creativity, and open communication.  

Through various real-life examples and insightful, though-provoking questions, Kanovalov teaches readers how to identify “dark kingdom” cultures versus positive ones, providing a deeper understanding of the role of leadership and its effect on culture. “Practical Tips” summaries are included throughout the book to help readers formulate a plan of action and apply what they have learned. Offered in an engaging and actionable format, the goal of this book is not to condemn those companies that might be struggling to achieve a healthier culture, but to equip them with the knowledge necessary to break out of the cycle of negative management and foster an environment of creativity and growth. Corporate Superpower is a phenomenal resource for anyone in a leadership position- highly recommended!

About the author

Oleg Konovalov is a management consultant with over 25 years of experience operating businesses both in the UK and internationally. He received a doctoral degree from the Durham University Business School, UK. His research areas include the structure and forms of organizations, organizational and interpersonal ties, culture and ideology, effectiveness and problem-solving. Oleg is the author of Organizational Anatomy, a management concept exploring new ways of viewing the structure of any organization by looking at it from a biological perspective.

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