New Hemi Engines: 2003 to Present: How to Build Max Performance by Larry Shepard

Looking to transform your Gen III Hemi into an even more responsive and faster powerplant? Check out this new how-to guide from CarTech author and expert Larry Shepard.

The New Hemi engine has an aggressive persona and performance to match. Powering the Challenger, Charger, Ram trucks, and other vehicles in the Chrysler lineup, the New Hemi produces at least one horsepower per cubic inch.

Unleashed in 2003, the New Hemi has been offered in several iterations, including the 5.7-, 6.1-, 6.2-, and now the 6.4-liter. With each successive engine introduction, Chrysler has extracted more performance. And with the launch of the Hellcat 6.4 supercharged engine, Chrysler built the highest horsepower production engine ever made, at 707 hp.

This fantastic Workbench How-To guide by expert Larry Shepard is a must-have for anyone looking to rebuild their Gen III Hemi. Extremely thorough and full of valuable information, it begins with an overview of the history of the Gen III, followed by a section to help you determine if a rebuild is needed, along with very useful troubleshooting info. From here, Shepard takes the reader step by step through the rebuild process, from disassembly, parts selection, strokers, induction upgrades and changes, to final assembly and engine install basics, covering everything you need to know to complete your project. This guide is very detailed and specific, and loaded with full color pictures to help you fully grasp each step of the process throughout your rebuild. Highly recommended!

About the author

Larry Shepard, a distinguished engineer, parts manager, and racing coordinator, has a deep history within Chrysler Corporation and Mopar Racing. He also has an in-depth knowledge of LA small-blocks. Shepard has authored more than a half dozen books, and his latest book, Jeep 4.0 Engines, won the Best of 2014 International Automotive Media Award. As a seasoned author and Mopar expert, he has written several high-performance Chrysler rebuild books.

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