New Children’s Book Giveaway From Author Veola Vazquez

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The Nickel Nuisance

Jake is tired of feeling like a loser. Failure at baseball, feeling like a wannabe at school and facing bullies like a weakling, that’s his life. He’s starting to wonder if things will ever change or if even God can fix his problems. It’s not until he comes across a rare nickel with an intriguing story that life really starts to look different. But will things get better? Or will Jake end up feeling like an even bigger loser than before?

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What readers are saying…

“Gotta get this! […] This is a great book, well written, entertaining…the message is good for all ages. Highly recommend it!” – 5-star Amazon review

“Great book! […]  A fast-moving book, this is a story not only of a typical kid’s problems, but one that provides encouragement to keep going and solve them with faith and God’s help.” – 5-star Amazon review


The Penny Predicament

What would a 12-year-old boy do to help save his family from financial ruin? In Jake King’s case, he’d do just about anything. But uncertainty sets in as his plans go awry, his friendships start to fail and his faith takes a few hits. Finding a rare coin worth a fortune might be the answer. But what if it’s not real? Will Jake lose his best friend and his family’s future at the same time? Only God knows and, hopefully, he’ll let Jake in on it.







About the authorVeola Vazquez

Dr. Veola Vazquez, the mother of two boys, uses humor, personal experience and insight to captivate young readers. As a Christian psychologist, she approaches the difficult issues of young life in a way that encourages and instructs the children who read her books. Her witty and fun stories build on real life issues to teach lessons about faith, friendship and family.

In addition to her works for children, Dr. Vazquez maintains a website and blog where she provides tools for parenting and devotionals to encourage Godly living. With a specialty in childhood issues such as AD/HD and childhood depression, anxiety and trauma, she has special insight into the ways parents can be most helpful to their children. Also, as a mother herself and a wife of over 20 years, she uses her personal wisdom in conjunction with her professional experience to guide and inspire families.

With a passion for helping both children and families, Dr. Vazquez is also a Bible teacher and inspirational speaker for women’s events and mom’s groups. In addition to her inspirational teaching, she is also a professor at a Christian university in Southern California where she teaches both graduate and undergraduate psychology courses.

Finally, Dr. Vazquez loves to spend her time reading and taking walks with her family and wiener dog, Paco.

You can learn more by visiting her website,

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A Pigeon’s Tale by S. A. Mahan


Walter is no ordinary pigeon. A direct descendant from the great war hero Cher Ami, he knows he is destined for greatness from the moment he flees his coop to escape from a dangerous wild cat. Now in the “wild”, Walter must team up with the more experienced birds to learn how to survive.

As winter fast approaches, Walter must find a human family to care for him- and as luck would have it, he finds the very best human for the job in a young college student named Kenny. But is it luck, or something more?

Traveling home with Kenny for Christmas break, Walter meets grandpa, the famous Sir Alfred Jerome, who seems to have known that Walter would be coming all along. A faithful student under grandpa, Walter learns a great many new things, including the fact that the world is in great peril. But what can a single scientist and a pigeon do about it? And can Walter do anything to help poor Dottie, Kenny’s little sister who is dying from cancer?
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Featured Book: The Boy and the Bottle, Plus a GIVEAWAY!

Book Cover_flattened.cdr

Jimmy is on his way to Grandma’s house with an empty milk bottle. What can he do with it along the way?

Jimmy is ready for his first big walk to Grandma’s house. He brings an empty milk bottle with him and discovers there are so many things he can use it for along the way.

Throughout his walk, Jimmy discovers all of the uses for his bottle such as carrying water, filling it with sand to use as a weight, rolling dough at grandmas, and capturing a fire-fly for use as a flashlight.

By the end of the story, Jimmy has collected items such as bread, a balloon, a bouquet of flowers, and of course, a bug.   Continue reading “Featured Book: The Boy and the Bottle, Plus a GIVEAWAY!”

Featured Book Plus a Giveaway! Annalise’s Up and Down Day by Denise L. Jenne


Annalise’s Up and Down Day

by Denise L. Jenne, illustrated by Julie Iannone
This is the story of one day in the life of three-year-old Annalise. It follows her, through her daily activities, adventures and misadventures on one summer day, as she explores the meaning of “up” and “down” in her world.

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Time Sailors Of Pizzolungo by Scott Abrams, Adam Blockton



Get ready for an incredible adventure back in time!

Guillermo always dreamed of the day he would be old enough to sail with his father, a captain of the famed cargo ship Coraggio, on the open sea. But each year his father tells him the same thing – “You have the heart of a captain, but for now you are too small. Maybe next summer.

Somehow Guillermo keeps his dream alive, until one day the Coraggio sinks in a terrible accident. Without enough money to replace the ship, his father may have to give up sailing, and what’s worse, Guillermo may have to move away from his hometown and his best friends.

Just when it seems all hope is lost, Guillermo receives a mysterious package containing a beautiful model ship with a curious inscription- “Caution: Ship Grows in Water”. Unable to contain his curiosity, Guillermo brings the ship down to the sea. What happens next is beyond explanation, and Guillermo, along with his best friends (and genius little sister, Picola), are thrust into an adventure of a lifetime.
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Yummy Stories: six stories to stimulate your mind and appetite by Lil L. Alexander


ebq5starGet ready for a delicious adventure!

Yummy Stories is a collection of six modern folk and fairy tales that kids of all ages will adore.

Full of beautiful, vibrant illustrations by Anda Cofaru, these imaginative stories make healthy food fun and look delicious at the same time- a brilliant way to encourage kids to eat their veggies!

Follow the stories of unforgettable characters, like a brave little pea who wants to grow tall, or a greedy giant who swallowed the carrots whole. Find out what happens to a vain strawberry who is always admiring herself, and discover a magical world of fairies, dinosaurs, and so much more. Continue reading “Yummy Stories: six stories to stimulate your mind and appetite by Lil L. Alexander”

The Boy Who Ran by Michael Selden

ebq4star “To the people in the village, he was an unexceptional-looking boy, neither especially tall nor obviously talented. Few paid much attention to him if they thought of him at all. But the boy could move through the forest in a way that seemed almost magical -and he could run very, very fast.”

When marauders attacked his village, the boy’s dying mother brought him to the edge of the forest and told him to run. She knew that if he could only get away, he might survive. And so the boy ran for days- until he was found by a member of another tribe who brought the boy to live with them.

Though they feed him and provide him with shelter, the villagers do not accept him as one of their own. They refer to him simply as “the boy”, and take little notice of him. And so he spends most of his time in the forest with the animals, where he feels the most at home.

But as the boy begins to watch the people from afar, a struggle begins to emerge in his heart. Is he one of the animals, or one of the people? He knows he must make a choice, and that it will forever change who he is.  Continue reading “The Boy Who Ran by Michael Selden”