A Place Called Harmony by Jodi Thomas


You’ve read about Harmony in Jodi Thomas’ previous novels, now learn the story of how it all began…

Harmon Ely wanted to build a town. After 10 years of running his trading post, he figured it was about time for some company, so he placed an ad looking for workers, promising 40 acres and a house for anyone who will stay for two years to help build the town.

Haunted by a troubled past, Clint Truman spends his days in the saloon where he drinks away his bitter memories. Once a soldier in Terry’s Texas Rangers, he’s better known now for being little more than a drunk brawler. After losing everything that ever mattered to him, life has left him hardened and angry. With his life spiraling out of control, it seems his options are running low, so when Clint’s offered a job to haul supplies and defend a new town in Texas, he knows he has to go. There’s just one catch- he needs to bring a bride. Continue reading “A Place Called Harmony by Jodi Thomas”

Across Great Divides by Monique Roy


Across Great Divides chronicles the story of Eva and Inge, two identical twin sisters growing up in Nazi Germany. As Jews, life becomes increasingly difficult for them and their family under the oppressive and anti-Semitic laws of the Nazis. Then, after witnessing the horrors of Kristallnacht, they realize they must leave their beloved homeland if they hope to survive.

Unsure of where to go, they travel to Antwerp, Belgium, and then on to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, chasing the diamond trade in hopes of finding work for their father, a diamond cutter and jeweler by trade. Finally, they find a home for themselves in the beautiful country of South Africa and begin to settle down.

But just as things begin to feel safe, their new home becomes caught up in it’s own battles of bigotry and hate under the National Party’s demand for an apartheid South Africa. Eva and Inge wonder if they will ever be allowed to live in peace, though they cling to the hope for a better day when there will be “an understanding of the past, compassion for all humanity, and …hope and courage to move forward across great divides.” Continue reading “Across Great Divides by Monique Roy”

Of Blood and Brothers: Book Two by E. Michael Helms


 Reporter Calvin Hogue is back, and wastes no time in uncovering the rest of the Malburn brothers’ story. . . Continue reading “Of Blood and Brothers: Book Two by E. Michael Helms”