Eagle Eye (Like No Other, #2) by Darcy Flynn


Designer of teen fashion, Jillian Jeffrey, is on the cusp of making a name for herself in the NYC fashion scene- a dream that could easily become a reality with a seat on the board of directors for her favorite charity, Like No Other. With a heart for serving the less fortunate, Jill can think of nothing more fulfilling than combining her two passions into one. When an unexpected opportunity arises for her to raise a significant amount of funds for the organization, and gain a better shot at the position, she jumps at it- unaware that the mistake she’s about to make will put her at risk of losing everything she’s ever worked for…
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Lone Heart Pass by Jodi Thomas



Jubilee Hamilton’s life is in a tailspin. She’s lost her career. Her boyfriend. And her grandpa Levy -the one member of her family who ever really cared about her- passed away, leaving her with a run-down ranch in the middle of nowhere. Hiring a foreman and running the Lone Heart Ranch seems like the craziest idea she’s ever had, but at this point, its all she has left. The only question is, can this DC city girl make it work, or is she destined for another failure- and another broken heart?

After his life is turned upside down by failed romance, the only woman Charlie wants in his life is his little girl, Lillie. As a single dad, he scrapes to get by, working multiple jobs just to make ends meet. So when he accepts a job as foreman from Jubilee Hamilton, he swears it’s just so he can save up enough money to make a better life for him and his daughter. But when a troubled young teen involved in a murder investigation shows up, everything changes as they struggle to protect their makeshift family and the run-down ranch they’ve come to call home.
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Rustler’s Moon by Jodi Thomas



Jodi Thomas welcomes readers back to the Ransom Canyon Series in her latest novel, Rustler’s Moon…

Angela has cut all ties with her past. After finding a startling note from her deceased father telling her to disappear, she decides to do just that. Leaving her life in Florida, she changes her last name and travels to a small town in Texas with her father’s mangy cat in tow, hoping to make a fresh start as the curator of a local museum. But it seems that trouble may have followed her all the way to Crossroads…

Wilkes Wagner has resigned himself to the fact that he’ll never be anything other than a rancher. After serving his country in the military and having his heart broken by the girl he left behind, it seems the only thing left for him is running the Devil’s Fork Ranch. Well, that and making sure his crazy Uncle Vern doesn’t get into too much trouble. It’s a lonely life, but Wilkes knows he won’t be foolish enough to fall in love with another girl again- until a mysterious girl with a secretive past moves to Crossroads. And Wilkes might be mistaken, but it seems like she might just need him around.
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Ransom Canyon by Jodi Thomas


Staten Kirkland is no stranger to grief. After the loss of his wife and son, it seems he doesn’t have much left to live for. For the most part, he’s able to bury his pain in the work on his cattle ranch, but on dark stormy nights, Staten seeks comfort in the arms of the only woman who could ever understand, the shy and troubled Quinn O’Grady.

Lucas Reyes is a young but ambitious hand on the Kirkland ranch. While the other boys in high school fight for the limelight, Lucas prefers to keep his head down and stay focused on his plans for the future. Preparing for an early start at college, everything seems to be going according to plan- that is, until he falls for the local sheriffs daughter after one fateful night that will forever change the course of their young lives.
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One True Heart (Harmony #8) by Jodi Thomas


After a severe injury to her leg ends her career in the military, Captain Millanie McAllen makes her way back to her hometown of Harmony, Texas.

With little plans for her future, all she wants is to relax and allow her wounds to heal -but when she meets a mysterious man at airport who offers her a lift back to Harmony, she finds her plans beginning to take a surprising turn.

Drew Cunningham is a reclusive man with a secret. As a teacher and buries himself in his research in an attempt to hide from his past- until he meets Millanie. Drawn by an inexplicable attraction, he hopes she will be the one to bring much-needed healing to his life.

But a mysterious threat lurks in the peaceful town of Harmony, and Millanie has been charged by the government to root it out before it’s too late. The problem? The evidence may lead her straight to the people she thought she could trust the most…
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A Place Called Harmony by Jodi Thomas


You’ve read about Harmony in Jodi Thomas’ previous novels, now learn the story of how it all began…

Harmon Ely wanted to build a town. After 10 years of running his trading post, he figured it was about time for some company, so he placed an ad looking for workers, promising 40 acres and a house for anyone who will stay for two years to help build the town.

Haunted by a troubled past, Clint Truman spends his days in the saloon where he drinks away his bitter memories. Once a soldier in Terry’s Texas Rangers, he’s better known now for being little more than a drunk brawler. After losing everything that ever mattered to him, life has left him hardened and angry. With his life spiraling out of control, it seems his options are running low, so when Clint’s offered a job to haul supplies and defend a new town in Texas, he knows he has to go. There’s just one catch- he needs to bring a bride. Continue reading “A Place Called Harmony by Jodi Thomas”

Christmastime 1940: A Love Story by Agnes Irene

A Christmas story for all seasons . . .

Lillian Hapsey is trying to make a new life for herself and her two boys in Manhattan. As a widow, she struggles to fill the role of both mother and provider to her children, spending as much time with them as she can, while working as a telephone operator at a publishing house.

Though it is Christmastime, the mood of the city is anything but light with news of the war in Europe and rumors of America joining the fight overshadowing the joy of the season and leaving everyone on edge.

But the biggest humbug of all is Charles Drooms- the antisocial and downright unfriendly man who lives down the hall from Lillian. Brief meetings on the street and in the halls are curt and unpleasant, but somehow Lillian is able to look past his frosty exterior and sees a kindred spirit haunted by a deep sorrow, and is determined to help him. But just when he begins to open up to her, tragedy strikes, forcing him to relive the most painful part of his past, and he pulls away. Was she mistaken about him all along, or can a Christmas miracle mend a broken heart and bring the two together? Continue reading “Christmastime 1940: A Love Story by Agnes Irene”