Fluent Forever: How to Learn Any Language Fast and Never Forget It by Gabriel Wyner

19661852ebq5stReady to learn a new langauge?

Fluent Forever is a practical, down-to-earth guide for aspiring language learners that will leave you inspired and empowered to achieve fluency in your target language.

In the book, readers are presented with the top tips and techniques in the industry to quickly and effectively learn any new language, as well as tried and true memorization techniques to lock the words and phrases in your memory so that you won’t forget.
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Canine Nutrigenomics – The New Science of Feeding Your Dog for Optimum Health by W. Jean Dodds, Diana R. Laverdure


A wonderfully comprehensive (mostly) look at the budding science of nutrigenomics for dogs -though just as easily applicable to us humans!

Dodds covers a lot of ground in this book, looking at how nutrition effects the expression of genes (epigenetics) and the very best ways to harness this new information to create total health and disease prevention in our dogs. Topics discussed include functional vs non-functional foods, specialized approaches in diet to aid weight control, arthritis, cancer, behavioral and cognitive decline, etc.

So why not five stars? Aside from all of the things I liked, I had two major issues with the book:

1) There was absolutely NO mention of toxicity, and in particular heavy metal toxicity , and it’s effects on genetic expression and overall health (something that is especially impactful).

2) The disappointingly tiny amount of information on nutrigenomic approaches to behavioral conditions, which is the biggest reason I purchased the book to begin with. Dodds limited the section to basically pushing Tryptophan and Tyrosine supplementation, which, depending on which source you chose to listen to, may or may not be a safe thing to do. The research I’ve done on my own indicates there are innumerable environmental and nutritive factors that can play a major role in behavioral epigenetics/nutrigenomics. Just spend five minutes researching Autism and nutrition/toxicity and you will learn 100x more regarding this subject than is covered in this book (http://www.tacanow.org/ is a great resource for this info, btw). Continue reading “Canine Nutrigenomics – The New Science of Feeding Your Dog for Optimum Health by W. Jean Dodds, Diana R. Laverdure”

Fight!: A Practical Guide to the Treatment of Dog-Dog Aggression by Jean Donaldson

177249Fight! offers owners of dog-aggressive canines a wonderfully positive alternative to traditional punishment and intimidation -based training techniques for correcting their dog’s social woes. 

Written by the award-winning author of The Culture Clash, Jean Donaldson breaks down dog-dog aggression into it’s most simplest forms- 1) over-exuberant greeters, 2) proximity sensitivity to other dogs, 3) resource guarding, 4) bullying, 5) play skills deficit, and 6) genetic predisposition. She then takes the reader through each form, discussing the positive training methods that can be used to overcome each, as well as discussing proper training tools and a breakdown of common learning methods used in positive training.

As the owner of a fear-aggressive dog, I’ve read every book, article, pamphlet and beyond that I can get my hands on regarding training techniques that deal with behavior modification. It seems that everyone has their own magic mix of methods that they gather here and there from a common list of books- and near the top of almost every list is Fight!

I’ll add that almost every book on these lists are now out of print, so it’s taken me a while to find the funds to acquire each title, Fight! being my most recent purchase. With such high hopes and downright nerdy excitement, I couldn’t wait to dig in- but unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed with this book. Let me explain.
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The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Positive Dog Training by Pamela S. Dennison


ebq5stThis book completely changed the way I think about dogs.

Let me begin by saying that prior to this book, I was training (and I use that word very loosely) my dogs with the traditional punishment-based techniques. My dog at the time, a gentle Malamute/Siberian/Wolf mix was, as I was told, stubborn and disobedient (do you ever wish you could go back in time and kick yourself for being so stupid???). Also, because of his wolf breeding, I was told I needed to be the “alpha” or else he would become assertive over me and possibly aggressive. Continue reading “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Positive Dog Training by Pamela S. Dennison”

The Seven Step Guide To Authorpreneurship by Rochelle Carter


Are you ready to make the leap from “Writer” to “Author”, but aren’t sure how go about it?

In The Seven Step Guide to Authorpreneurship, CEO and Publisher Rochelle Carter takes you through the seven major steps to write, polish, and market your book into success. Drawing on her own experiences as an authorpreneur, she lays out a simple, yet effective, strategy to help authors start off on the right foot in their publishing career, while avoiding costly (and embarrassing) mistakes.

In the book, Carter defines an authorpreneur as “an author who is not just creative but also a business person who works for him- or herself”. Note the inclusion of the word “work”- just because you get to write in your pajamas doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in some extra effort to get things going! As the author states, “the only way to get your book noticed the way you want is to invest in yourself by becoming an authorpreneur. Fortunately, she has simplified the process down to it’s bare bones, creating a plan that anyone can follow. Acting as an effective guide, she takes the reader by the hand and helps them through the murky and intimidating world of editing and publishing. Continue reading “The Seven Step Guide To Authorpreneurship by Rochelle Carter”

Triathletes in Motion by Marc Evans, Jane Cappaert, Kevin Bigley

18764464ebq5starAre you ready to take your training to the next level?

Triathletes in Motion is the ultimate guide to improving you athletic performance. With a strong focus on individualization, Marc Evans takes you through a series of tests and exercises to evaluate your movement, stability, and technique, and offers corrective exercises to improve your areas of weakness. Continue reading “Triathletes in Motion by Marc Evans, Jane Cappaert, Kevin Bigley”

Modern Pioneering: More Than 150 Recipes, Projects, and Skills for a Self-Sufficient Life by Georgia Pellegrini



Modern Pioneering. It almost sounds like an oxymoron. But with the rapidly rising costs of living and the increasing reality of chemically-tainted foods, it seems society is beginning to come full-circle as more and more people wake up to the benefits of a back-to-the-basics lifestyle.

In this book author Georgia Pellegrini explores the old ways of doing things – from good old country know-how to the DIY grit of times gone by – all with a modern flare. As the author so beautifully puts it- “This is your guide for how to do more with less, to delight in your little patch of garden behind your home, and enjoy life in the process. Continue reading “Modern Pioneering: More Than 150 Recipes, Projects, and Skills for a Self-Sufficient Life by Georgia Pellegrini”