Book Excerpt – Stone in a Sling: A Soldier’s Journey by Scott A. Meehan

18146093Whenever I fell asleep, it was sound. I worked from 0700 hours until midnight, six days a week. I had to—in a war zone. I remember when morning came too soon once. It was an hour too early. The thunderous boom jolted me awake instantly. My eyes opened and I stared at the metal ceiling above me. Based on the explosive impact, I assumed there would be casualties, and likely…death.

I lay flat on my bed, closed my eyes, but remained wide awake. Outside my window, I heard recognizable voices and surmised that the team members had gathered beneath the concrete bunkers to take shelter. “Wow, look at that smoke,” I heard one of them say.
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Featured Book: A Long Walk With Sally by David Clark Jr.

28093841A Long Walk With Sally: A Grieving Father’s Golf Journey Back to Life

by David Clark Jr.

A parent’s worst fear and most unimaginable horror began on April 4, 2004. As his world was torn further apart, David’s only wish was to escape—to walk away—but how could he? How would he ever find the peace he so desperately needed?

On a golf course in Ireland, the answer came. Thus began a ten-year quest, taking David to 290 courses throughout the British Isles. As he was about to leave on his final trip, he looked out the windshield of his car and realized where he would find his peace.
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A Movable Marriage: A Memoir by Tricia Pimental



In this honest and engaging memoir, Tricia Pimental recounts her adventurous travels both in the States and abroad, as she and her husband move from home to home- battling palmetto bugs in Florida, running a high-end cafe in Nevada, dodging bats in a cabin in New Hampshire …and so much more.

With a willing and humorous attitude, Tricia makes the most of her husband’s nomadic inclinations by experiencing the character and charm each location has to offer and making friends wherever they go- yet all the while longing for a place to finally put down roots.

Along the way she faces a host of challenges, unexpected surprises, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, like appearing on a popular tv game show and traveling on the famed Orient Express.
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Featured Book: Four Passions: Conversations with Myself by Wallace Peters


Four Passions: Conversations with Myself is a frank account of the psychological pitfalls that many couples encounter after one or both are obliged to retire.

Author Wallace Peters is a widely renowned scientist in his 90s, whose main interest is tropical medicine. In 2007, he and his wife, Ruth, moved into a peaceful retirement village located in the English countryside. Nine months later, Ruth succumbed to cancer. After her death, the author learned that many of the 200 residents in his community, irrespective of their former careers, struggled to find direction in their lives. Hoping to restore their enthusiasm, Wallace set out to describe his and Ruth’s experiences with their positive lifestyle during retirement.
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Featured Book: The Silent Heroes by Hans Moederzoon Van Kuilenburg


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The Silent Heroes: A Memoir of Holland During World War II is a true story of heroism, survival, and resistance by ordinary people living during extraordinary times.

World War II was marked by fear, despair, and hardship for those living under Nazi occupation. Author Hans Moederzoon van Kuilenburg was a 10-year-old girl living in Amsterdam, when German soldiers invaded Holland in the spring of 1940. The Dutch wanted to stay neutral in the war because its military was no match for the Germans. But within five days, Holland had fallen. The next five years were among the darkest in Dutch history, culminating in the “hunger winter” of 1944, in which 30,000 Dutch people died of hunger and cold.

Ordinary citizens like the author’s father fought back in any way they could to mitigate the German war machine. A civilian supervisor of marine supplies, he stole food and clothing from the Germans to feed and clothe Dutch people in need. Eventually his activities attracted notice and he was imprisoned. Says van Kuilenburg, “My mother, with the help of our family doctor, got him out of the claws of the so feared SS. This is his story and that of other Dutch heroes who risked their own lives to help others.”
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Bark and Lunge: Saving My Dog from Training Mistakes by Kari Neumeyer


ebq5stFor Kari Neumeyer, it was love at first sight when she first laid eyes on the German Shepherd puppy she would come to call Isis…

With dreams of a loving and loyal best friend, Kari and Rob take the plunge into the exciting world of new dog owners, spending every spare moment doting on their beloved new family member. They do everything they know to make sure they raise their puppy right, from reading books to taking little Isis to obedience classes. It seems as though they couldn’t be happier, until the unthinkable happens, and Isis starts displaying signs of aggression. 

Kari struggles to make sense of what is driving Isis’s aggression and turns to her trainer for help. But through the use of traditional punishment-based methods, it seems like her dog’s aggression is only getting worse. Out of frustration, she turns to other trainers and finds that the methods she was taught to use may have been exacerbating the problem all along. After making the change to positive dog training, Kari spends countless hours working with Isis to help her overcome her reactivity, and learns a lot of valuable lessons along the way.
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