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What people are saying about Epic Book Quest:


“Epic Book Quest did a wonderful job posting the information and links for my book I Will Never Forget including the awesome Amazon Best Seller Seal!  Thank you for that.  They were very efficient.  The layout was great.  I recommend there service.” – Elaine C. Pereira, author of I Will Never Forget


“Johanna is a top-notch book reviewer. Her blog is organized and easy to navigate. Best of all, she gives her well-thought-out opinion of books in a personable and thorough manner. You can tell she’s read the book and not just the cover copy! I, as do many writers, value her reviews. Highly recommended to any author seeking a fair and honest review of his/her work!” E. Michael Helms, author of The Proud Bastards and the Mac McClellan Mystery series.

“Thank you, Johanna and Epic Book Quest! You want authors to succeed, and have made it so easy to promote our books. The book review and giveaway went very well, and I was impressed by your prompt and clear communication along the way. You take a personal interest in the authors you assist, and make it affordable to publicize our work. I was also impressed with how my book looked on your website, and how you organized and displayed the information about it. Thank you so much!” Lisa Karlin, author of Below The Water Line.

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