Guest Posts

Want to write a guest post for us? We’d love to host you!

But before you get started, here are a few basic ground rules:

Firstly, in keeping with our submission guidelines, we do not promote books under the following genres: Paranormal, SciFi, Witchcraft, New Age/Astrology, Atheistic/Inter-faith, Erotica, or Horror.

If your book(s) do not fall under these categories, then we will be happy to host a guest post and include author information and book promotion links to your books.

With regards to the content of the guest post, all that we ask is that you please keep it PG / family friendly. You can choose whichever topic you’d like, however just to provide you with some examples, many authors like to write about the writing process, where they get their ideas, or what inspired them to write their latest book. It’s really up to you!

If this sounds good to you and you’re still interested in writing a guest post for the blog, then we’d love to host you! Just send your completed guest post, whenever it’s ready, (be sure to include an author bio as well as any author website & book purchase links) to for our final approval, and if everything looks good we’ll put it up as soon as we can! 🙂


What do you think?

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