Submit A Book For Review

Please note the blog is closed to all submissions until further notice (8/13/2019)

Thank you for your interest in Epic Book Quest! We pride ourselves in offering free, quality book reviews for authors and publishers, and marketing those reviews across merchant sites and social media networks.
Below is a brief overview of our requirements for submitting a book for review, please look them over carefully before sending us your request.

What kind of books do you review?

We review most genres of books, with the following exceptions:

  • Paranormal / Paranormal Romance
  • Werewolf / Zombies
  • Themes that include witchcraft
  • New Age
  • Astrology
  • Atheistic themes / books that mock religion
  • Inter-faith / Anti-Christian (please note that I am a Christian and will not review books of other faiths)
  • Erotica, pornographic, or excessively explicit content
  • Horror
  • Fantasy / SciFi
  • Poetry

No agendas please, political or otherwise. Controversial books will not be reviewed.
If you’re not sure where your book fits in exactly, just email an inquiry to

What formats do you accept?

We currently only accept physical copies of books at this time. Any physical format of a book will be accepted, including ARC / galley, and finished copies in either paperback or hardcover. We DO NOT accept eBooks / digital copies.

What You Can Expect:

Reviews consist of a synopsis of the book’s storyline followed by our thoughts on the book, and typically run 250 – 300 words. Also included is a brief author bio, when available.

Reviews are posted on the following sites:


Reviews are also posted to our twitter and facebook accounts.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us or leave a message below!

Expedited Book Reviews (7-day)

Need your book reviewed in a hurry? We now offer an expedited review service via PayPal for a small fee of $25 USD. With this option, we will read and review the book within seven days of payment. For more information or to request this service, please email

In the best interest of both parties, please make sure your book meets our submission guidelines as mentioned above before submitting your request. Thank you!

How do I submit a book for review?

  • Ensure your book meets our submission guidelines.
  • Send any inquiries to
  • Please include the title, author, and a basic description of the book.
  • Standard turnaround for reviews is 8-10 weeks.
  • Please note that books cannot be returned.

6 thoughts on “Submit A Book For Review

  1. Susie Soh

    I am managing author Sean Kinsley social media He authored Wicked Tides. I am looking to get his book review. Do you need me to email you first that i will be sending you his book. I appreciate all your help.


    1. Johanna

      Hi Susie, thanks for the inquiry! I am sorry to say that due to the unusually high amount of requests, we are not currently accepting any more books for review for the next several weeks. Thank you for your understanding, and for your interest in our reviews!



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