New Hemi Engines: 2003 to Present: How to Build Max Performance by Larry Shepard

Looking to transform your Gen III Hemi into an even more responsive and faster powerplant? Check out this new how-to guide from CarTech author and expert Larry Shepard.

The New Hemi engine has an aggressive persona and performance to match. Powering the Challenger, Charger, Ram trucks, and other vehicles in the Chrysler lineup, the New Hemi produces at least one horsepower per cubic inch.

Unleashed in 2003, the New Hemi has been offered in several iterations, including the 5.7-, 6.1-, 6.2-, and now the 6.4-liter. With each successive engine introduction, Chrysler has extracted more performance. And with the launch of the Hellcat 6.4 supercharged engine, Chrysler built the highest horsepower production engine ever made, at 707 hp.
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Swap LS Engines Into Camaros & Firebirds: 1967-1981 by Eric McClellan



Author and longtime Chevy & Camaro enthusiast Eric McClellan brings the reader step-by-step through the process of selecting and installing GM LS engines into Camaros and Firebirds.

McClellan discusses 1st and 2nd generation Camaros and Firebirds, prominent muscle cars which are prime candidates for engine upgrades. Enter LS Engines -powerhouses which produce more horsepower per CU than almost any other pushrod V8 engine. Combine the two together, and you can create an extraordinary performance car that anyone would be proud to own. Continue reading “Swap LS Engines Into Camaros & Firebirds: 1967-1981 by Eric McClellan”

The Cars of Trans-Am Racing: 1966-1972 by David Tom

David Tom, Founder and Registrar of the Historic Trans-Am Registry, presents a stunning tribute to the cars of Trans-Am racing- the only  book in print on the popular race series, referred to by David Friedman as “the pony car wars”. This beautiful hardcover book contains many photos never-before-seen in print, with high-gloss pages and color photos aplenty.

Features include insight and interviews from the original car builders and teams who maintained the cars, and a full history of Trans-Am racing from the very first event in 66 at Daytona. Continue reading “The Cars of Trans-Am Racing: 1966-1972 by David Tom”

How to Restore Your C3 Corvette: 1968-1982 by Walt Thurn

Life-long Corvette historian and enthusiast Walt Thurn explores the fascinating history of C3 Corvettes, from its generational  predecessors C1 (1953-1962) and C2 (1963-1967), through the C3s significant impact on Corvette history. Thurn covers each one of the 14 model year Corvettes, including rare options and collectability / value. Continue reading “How to Restore Your C3 Corvette: 1968-1982 by Walt Thurn”

Review of Jeep, Dana & Chrysler Differentials by Larry Shepard

This is the second book I’ve reviewed from CarTech, and I have to say I’m impressed with the consistent high quality of their books. These are the perfect how-to manuals for anyone who likes to work on cars, as they are very straight-forward and easy to follow as well as loaded with some really great info and helpful tips. Continue reading “Review of Jeep, Dana & Chrysler Differentials by Larry Shepard”

Review of Ford 351 Cleveland Engines: How to Build for Max Performance by George Reid


The perfect book for anyone who is looking to rebuild or modify a Ford 351 Cleveland engine, whether for the street or competition.

Designed to be a ‘mid-sized’ V-8 engine, the Cleveland was a short-lived powerhouse introduced in 1969 for the 1970 model year as a new performance-car engine. It was the engine of choice among Ford drag racers and NASCAR teams during the 70’s and was manufactured through the end of the 1974 model year.  There was also a 302 cu in (4.9 L) Cleveland engine- built only in Australia- from 1972 to 1982, which was intended to give consumers a smaller alternative to the – also locally manufactured – 351 cu in (5.8 L) Cleveland engine. Despite it’s grand aspirations, the 351 met it’s demise not long after its introduction as the smog-era and a couple of memorable energy crises hit America, which made high-strung performance small-blocks unpopular with new car buyers. Fast forward to today, and the Cleveland is gaining in popularity once again. Continue reading “Review of Ford 351 Cleveland Engines: How to Build for Max Performance by George Reid”