Dangerous – Engaging the People and Places No One Else Will by Caleb Bislow

Caleb Bislow goes into some of the most dangerous places in the world, sharing the light of the gospel and bringing hope to thousands. From war-torn Africa, to red-light districts in Asia, Caleb is helping to bring people to Christ in places where most missionaries wouldn’t dare to go, as well as training others to do the same, giving them the title of “Unusual Soldiers”.

Filled with incredibles stories of those whose lives were touched, and forever changed, by submitting themselves completely to the call of Christ to “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation”, this book is moving and deeply inspiring. Continue reading “Dangerous – Engaging the People and Places No One Else Will by Caleb Bislow”


Don’t Miss The Boat by Paul Taylor

An exciting look at the single most catastrophic event in history.

Paul Taylor unravels the mysteries surrounding the biblical flood account, tackling some of the biggest arguments by old-earth scientists, and showing that the earth is full of evidences pointing to a recent, global flood.

Don’t Miss The Boat offers a great wealth of information without being overwhelming or overly complicated. This book covers a vast array of topics such as carbon dating, fossils, catastrophic plate tectonics (CPT), canopy theory, ark design, and more- breaking them down into a more simplistic form that the average reader can understand. Continue reading “Don’t Miss The Boat by Paul Taylor”

Appointments with Heaven by Dr. Reggie Anderson

Dr. Reggie Anderson shares his incredible life journey from a young boy growing up in rural Tennessee who loved God with all of his heart, to a young man attending college who begins to doubt the very existence of God after losing family to a brutal and senseless murder. But Reggie shows us that God wasn’t ready to give up on him yet, and reveals Himself to Reggie in the most incredible way- an open vision of heaven, and a promise from Jesus Christ Himself. After this experience, he eagerly rededicates his life to the Lord, and after finishing medical school, begins to share his faith and experience with dying patients and their families, bringing them a sense of peace they otherwise never would have had. And as they pass from this life to the next, Dr. Anderson can sense the powerful presence of God, and the thinness of the veil that separates us from Heaven. Continue reading “Appointments with Heaven by Dr. Reggie Anderson”

Lord Change Me by James MacDonald

Have you ever tried to turn away from a bad habit or a sin, just to fall back into temptation?

Why is it so hard to stop behaviors when we know they’re wrong?

In Lord Change Me, James MacDonald shows us why it is all but impossible to change on our own. He exposes the faulty logic of relying on Christ only to save us, while pushing Him aside as we attempt to turn from our sins by our own strength and merit. Continue reading “Lord Change Me by James MacDonald”

Christ’s Prophetic Plans: A Futuristic Premillennial Primer by John MacArthur & Richard Mayhue

In scripture, 62 (94%) out of 66 books contain predictive information.

What do you really know about end-times prophecy?

What do you believe about the rapture and Christ’s second coming?

Could you defend that belief with a logical explanation?

Written from a futuristic premillennial viewpoint, theologians John MacArthur, Richard Mayhue, Michael Vlach, Nathan Busenitz, and Matthew Waymeyer explore the different beliefs held in regards to Israel, the rapture, Christ’s second coming, and the millennial reign. Using scripture, they lay out the arguments in a point-by-point format which disprove faulty teachings such as replacement theology and Amillennialism, while proving through God’s word that Israel is still God’s chosen people, and the rapture of the church is imminent. Think of this book as a form of apologetics for eschatology- it is designed to help you figure out what to believe about end-times prophecy, and why. Continue reading “Christ’s Prophetic Plans: A Futuristic Premillennial Primer by John MacArthur & Richard Mayhue”

Activating the Power of the Cross by Tony Evans

Technology without power is useless- a computer left unplugged will never realize it’s full potential. Even if it has the best programming in the world, it won’t make a difference until you plug it in.

It’s the same thing with us. Until we activate the power of the cross, we will never achieve the level of effectiveness that God has planned for our lives.

In this book, Tony Evans explains exactly how to do that- basing everything on scripture.

Continue reading “Activating the Power of the Cross by Tony Evans”

Words Matter: A Review of Redemption by William E. Jefferson

REDEMPTION is a companion book to The Point: The Redemption of Oban Ironbout. The work is set on the metaphorical Isle of Estillyen, where creative monks stage dramatic readings of biblical stories. In The Point, the readings were presented in synopsis form. Now readers can delve into the twelve Scripture narratives as they were originally given by the monks of Estillyen. Richly inspiring, this unique volume promises to draw readers closer to the theme of redemption–and to the Redeemer himself. The story beckons. Life it gives. Redemption it offers.

Continue reading “Words Matter: A Review of Redemption by William E. Jefferson”