2076: A Revolutionary Tale by Stephen G. Mitchell


I am so conflicted by this book- I enjoy Mitchell’s writing very much but find a lot of things about this book very off-putting. Let me explain…

The premise of this book is interesting- a futuristic “America” that has spun wildly out of control. Famines and other environmental changes have led to food shortages, leaving food enough only for the elitist “walled-ins”. Lower class “SERFS” must eat FASTFED, a disgusting yet addicting synthetic food. But there are a group of rebels who fight the walled-ins and steal their food to share amongst themselves, dreaming of a future America where there is food enough for everyone.

Were I basing my review on premise alone, I probably would give this book 4 stars, because I did enjoy it. However, about midway through the book, Mitchel begins to interject left-wing political ideology. I found this annoying, but was still willing to overlook it and continue on with the book, until I reached about 3/4s of the way through, where a character begins a lengthy tirade against religion. Continue reading “2076: A Revolutionary Tale by Stephen G. Mitchell”


Heirloom (Seed Savers, #3) by S. Smith

In a grim future where food comes in packets and gardening is illegal . . .

Brother and sister, Clare and Dante, have escaped to Canada and are sent to live with the Woods, a wonderful couple who run an apple orchard. There they attend classes taught by the Garden Guardians, learning how to plant and cultivate real food.

They are also taught the history behind the laws that led to the modern type of “food”- unappetizing packets with names like “carbos” and “protein”. They learn about Nipungyo, a multi-national ag-biotech corporation which gained power through the development of pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). As the corporation grew in strength, it began prosecuting farmers and infiltrating the government, becoming inextricably linked with GRIM -the government agency that enforces anti-gardening laws. Continue reading “Heirloom (Seed Savers, #3) by S. Smith”

A Perfect America by Peter Meredith

Phil Tarsus is an inquisitor- his job is to to get confessions from alleged criminals no matter the cost. He is used to inflicting pain and causing terror, and loves the power that comes along with his position. But while working on his latest case, something is different. Stephen, a self-confessed (albeit under duress of torture) gay, sparks a nagging question in Phil that refuses to go away. Sentenced to death by stoning, Stephen’s final words haunt Phil. Strange words about redemption and God and heaven. But Phil doesn’t believe these lies. He knows that God is just a lie made up by the neocons to enslave the masses. Isn’t it? Continue reading “A Perfect America by Peter Meredith”