Update/Announcement (please read)

This is just a quick notice to inform everyone that Epic Book Quest will be effectively shut down for about a month or so. I’m currently in the process of moving (yay!) and won’t be accepting any new books for review until further notice.

This also means there is a temporary hold on all of our book reviews. If you have already sent us a book for review, I apologize for the delay. I will be trying to get books reviewed ASAP, but obviously, with the move, won’t be able to get to everyone as quickly as I’d like.

There will still be some reviews posted here or there throughout the coming weeks as I can get to them.

If you have any questions or concerns about this issue, please contact me via email at the address listed on our Submission Guidelines page, and I’ll try my best to work with you to find a resolution to the problem.

Thank you for your understanding!



{Giveaway} – Enter to win a copy of The Rockaways by Gilles Peress


Published on the first anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, The Rockaways combines visceral photos by renowned photographer Gilles Peress (Telex Iran, Farewell to Bosnia) with the voices of residents in the communities hit hardest by the superstorm.

About Concord Free Press:

Founded in 2008, the Concord Free Press (www.concordfreepress.com) publish great books and give them away for free, asking only that you make a voluntary donation of any amount to a charity or someone in need,  then pass the book on to another reader so that he or she can give. This author-led, all-volunteer effort has attracted thousands of supporters from around the world. Continue reading “{Giveaway} – Enter to win a copy of The Rockaways by Gilles Peress”