Deadly Spirits by E. Michael Helms


ebq4stAt the insistence of his girlfriend Kate, Mac reluctantly joins the Palmetto Paranormal Society, a small group of ghost hunters who investigate local historic buildings for signs of supernatural activity. It all seems like innocent fun- that is, until the society’s president is discovered dead at the foot of a staircase during an investigation.

Though the death is ruled an accident, one question lingers in Mac’s mind. Why did no one hear the man fall down the stairs? Mac decides to do a little prodding of his own into the case- and when the late president’s secretary turns up dead in an apparent suicide, he knows he’s stumbled onto a much deeper mystery than he first suspected…
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Review & GIVEAWAY: Deadly Dunes by E. Michael Helms


ebq5stWhen a young archaeologist is found dead from an alleged suicide, P.I. Mac McClellan is called in to investigate. Hours later, the woman who hired him is killed in a car accident. With nothing to go on but but vague suspicions and a few artifacts from a nearby site, Mac is determined to discover who is behind the deaths and why. As the pieces of the puzzle begin to come together, his investigation leads him to a possible camp site of Hernando de Soto- and a planned multi-million-dollar beach resort. The more Mac digs, the more he realizes that everyone seems to have something to hide, and somebody is willing to do whatever it takes to keep him out of the picture.
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A Movable Marriage: A Memoir by Tricia Pimental



In this honest and engaging memoir, Tricia Pimental recounts her adventurous travels both in the States and abroad, as she and her husband move from home to home- battling palmetto bugs in Florida, running a high-end cafe in Nevada, dodging bats in a cabin in New Hampshire …and so much more.

With a willing and humorous attitude, Tricia makes the most of her husband’s nomadic inclinations by experiencing the character and charm each location has to offer and making friends wherever they go- yet all the while longing for a place to finally put down roots.

Along the way she faces a host of challenges, unexpected surprises, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, like appearing on a popular tv game show and traveling on the famed Orient Express.
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Author Interview With Andrew Joyce


Today we’ve got another great interview to share with our readers, this time with Andrew Joyce, author of Redemption and Molly Lee. You can learn more about Andrew Joyce and his books by visiting, or by clicking on any of the links at the bottom of the page.

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Of Blood and Brothers: Book Two by E. Michael Helms


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Deadly Catch: A Mac McClellan Mystery by E. Michael Helms

“The first cast of the day turned my dream vacation into a nightmare.”

Mac McClellan is looking forward to a relaxing vacation. A recently retired US Marine, he heads to the Florida panhandle where he plans to do some fishing.

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Review of Hostel By The Sea by Luanne M. Lusic

I never really knew what a Hostel was before reading this book, since -as the author states- it’s not a very common thing here in the US. To me, the idea of people bunking together in shared rooms, dorm style, with complete strangers is not only a bizarre notion, but an intimidating (and frightening) one as well. But for outgoing and friendly Luanne Lusic, living in a hostel was an adventure- one that left her full of memories and stories. Continue reading “Review of Hostel By The Sea by Luanne M. Lusic”