Review of Artifice: Humanities Deception from Time Immemorial by A. I. Jacob

From the publisher: 

Lets be honest with one another, we live in a world of good and evil. Whether you’re an atheist, agnostic, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or Jew – there are good and evil people in all sects of humanity.

Why is it we can invent vaccines that can cure various diseases, but others use those same viruses to create biological weapons to kill and destroy other human kind?

Why is it we can create things like dynamite and explosive charges to move mountains to build wonderful highways so we can travel great distances, yet use those same explosive devices to build missiles and various weapons of war to kill and destroy one another?

Why can mankind build beautiful cities, buildings, parks, musical compositions, art, poetry and wondrous inventions to help us enjoy life and aid us in our day to day chores – yet the majority of the human race lives in squalor and our cities are filled with crime, drugs and every conceivable evil under the sun? Continue reading “Review of Artifice: Humanities Deception from Time Immemorial by A. I. Jacob”