Featured Book: Of Faith and Freedom by Joe Gilbert

29060424Of Faith and Freedom: How Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness Hijacked America and How to Take It Back!

by Joe Gilbert

Cultural Marxism has been a powerful force in American culture for almost a century, shaping institutions such as school, family, and government. In the 1920s and during World War II, socialist ideas that originated at the Frankfurt School, also known as the Institute for Social Research, began to seep into the social fabric of the US.

As the cultural Marxist movement gained power, the reach of the federal government expanded, and the basic value of each individual citizen was diminished. The role of the Judeo-Christian belief system, which emphasizes absolute truth and the dignity of the individual, has been ignored-with disastrous consequences.
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Coming Of The Hour by Harrison Charles


A serial killer is on the loose in Atlanta. . .

Citizens of Georgia breathe a sigh of relief when Douglas Parson is arrested and placed on death row for the brutal murder of a priest. With the monster behind bars, the city of Atlanta will be a little more secure. But when a string of  similar murders begin to take place, police begin to wonder if Parson is somehow involved, especially after receiving regular visits from a mysterious blonde woman with a briefcase. But is everything truly what it seems to be, or is there something far more sinister at work? Continue reading “Coming Of The Hour by Harrison Charles”

Thank You, Anarchy: Notes from the Occupy Apocalypse by Nathan Schneider

Nathan Schneider shares his experiences and observations as a journalist during the Occupy Wall Street movement, where he spent much of his time participating in the marches, meetings, and camp-0uts in Zuccotti Park. He offers an insider’s perspective on the goings-on of the protests. Continue reading “Thank You, Anarchy: Notes from the Occupy Apocalypse by Nathan Schneider”